• Burning Permits

    Attention Red Lake Tribal Members - If you plan to do any burning this spring, please make sure to obtain a Red Lake Burning Permit. Please follow the recommendations that accompany the permit, and make sure that the fire is all the way extinguished before leaving it unattended. BURNING CAN BE DONE EACH DAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 6:00PM to 10:00AM. 

    Burning permits can be obtained at the new Red Lake Fire Center (next to Red Lake Elementary School) or online  If you have any questions, stop by the Red Lake Fire Center or call us at 679-3381.


  • Upper/Lower Red Lake WRAPS


    A public meeting for the Upper/Lower Red Lake WRAPS has been scheduled. The purpose of this meeting is to show which lakes and streams are in good condition and which are not within the watershed. A few brief presentations will be provided regarding the biological work, stressor identification process, and an overview of the WRAPS process. Cookies and refreshments will be served.

    In addition to the presentations, representatives from various agencies will be in attendance to have one-on-one conversations to provide you with more information on the status of the biological community data, water chemistry, stream channel stability, geomorphology, stressor identification, and modeling from the watershed.

    North Beltrami Community Center

    220 Main St. E, Kelliher, MN

    Tuesday, April 24th from 4:00-6:30 pm

    For additional information or questions about this meeting, please contact Kayla Bowe at the Red Lake DNR: 218-679-1607 or

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The Red Lake Reservation is home to 75 percent of the Tribe’s 10,000 Band members. The primary sources of livelihood include hunting, fishing, and subsistence natural resource harvesting. Natural resources historically represented the most important source of employment to the Band members, with commercial fishing and logging representing the two most important industries. These two industries affect every member on the Reservation. Therefore, preserving and restoring its rich aquatic ecosystem and abundance of other natural resources is critical to Band members’ health, welfare, traditional ways of life, economic viability, and is a high priority for the Band. 

Natural resources programs for the Reservation have been productively operating since the 1980’s. Base programs such as forestry, fisheries, wildlife, waters, and environmental protection have created a strong foundation allowing expansions in recent years to create specialized programs such as wetlands, GIS, air quality, and fire prevention to name a few.

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