The Red Lake Environmental Response Program (RLERP) is proud to announce the launch of a new tool for community members to Submit Environmental Concern (SEC) to be investigated! The form may be set up to be accessed on your mobile device like an APP and it is quick and easy to use… It only takes a SEC! The RLERP will automatically receive your submission by email so that our staff can investigate your concern and begin assessment and mitigation as necessary. You have the option to include your name (can remain anonymous if you wish), a brief description of the area and type of concern and a photo of the threat. We require only a location so that we can find and address your concerns (must allow the form to access your location). This tool is easy and quick to use if you should discover something that is a potential threat to the environment. With your input, the RLERP will be better able to find and address problems that threaten the health and environment of Red Lake Nation. Please remember, it only takes a SEC!



To submit your concern, enter the following information: your name (optional), a brief description of the location/area of your concern, what type of trash you have found and a photo. Everything, including a camera, is right on the form. The most important information for the RLERP staff is the location, so that we can find the threat and begin the process of making an assessment. For this reason it is important to allow the form to access your location (a pop-up will ask for your permission).

Red Lake SEC Form Troubleshooting/Help Guide.pdf

Please submit valid concerns i.e. hazardous wastes, open dumping, tire piles, petroleum spills, furniture/appliances etc.