The timber sales branch of forestry is responsible for the sustainable management of approximately 342,000 acres of Red Lake commercial forest land. The Timber Use Policy Statement approved by the Tribal Council guides the management of these lands. Timber harvesting is used as a means to achieve environmental and economic goals. Timber sales are designed to improve forest productivity, biodiversity, and overall forest health.

Timber Sale staff includes two diminished reservation foresters and four timber sales technicians. General functions of timber sales staff include setting up and administering all timber sales on Red Lake Tribal Lands. Red Lake Band owns approximately 342,000 acres of commercial forest land. Tribal foresters are directed by the Timber Use Policy Statement (TUPS) which sets forth policies and procedures governing timber harvesting. Sustainable forest management includes timber harvesting as a means of regenerating the forest and ensuring long-term forest health. Revenue from the sale of stand timber (stumpage) is held in a special account, managed by the Red Lake Timber Sales.