The Red Lake DNR Wildland Fire Prevention program was implemented in 2004. The goal of the fire prevention program is to reduce the number of human caused fires on the reservation. Before the program started, the reservation experienced high numbers of human-caused fires.

The prevention program recognizes education in reducing fires on the reservation.A high priority of the Fire Prevention program is to deliver the fire prevention message to the youth of the Red Lake Indian Reservation. One of the many ways that this is accomplished is through classroom presentations in the elementary schools and in Headstart. The staff is also involved in other multi-agency events to promote fire prevention in Minnesota and throughout the United States. In recognition of their efforts for promoting the fire prevention message, Mike Beaulieu and Michelle Reynolds were the recipients of the 2007 Smokey Bear Bronze award for outstanding public service in Wildland Fire Prevention.


  • To protect lives and property by educating and informing tribal members on the negative effects of wildland fires.
  • To protect our forests and tribal lands from wildfires. We hope to accomplish through education, information and enforcement.
  • Education through the public school systems, community meetings and tribal events.
  • Information about hazardous fuel locations, burning permit requirements, current fire conditions and other fire prevention activities that are being presented.
  • Enforcement of tribal codes pertaining to arson type fires that affect tribal natural resources and individual residences.
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